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Vision: :

Faculty of pharmacy seeks reaching high competitive capability against the outstanding internationally recognized academic entities

Mission: :

Faculty of pharmacy aims to present a graduate capable of competing in various pharmacy fields. This can be achieved by a modern teaching / learning strategy, an outstanding scientific research work and a valuable role in sharing in community activities and environmental development. The mission will be accomplished through highly efficient human resources, modern information technology and specialized professional unit in a frame of ethics and morals

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A Simulation of the Students of Faculty of Pharmacy, October 6

 Based on the strategic plan of the Egyptian state and according to the October 6 University board directions for qualifying the graduates to

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Cosmetics Students Project Report

 Pharmacy students prepared several cosmetic cleansing products in the students’ laboratories in department of pharmaceutics as an

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First Workshop Introduction to Bioinformatics

 This course is one of the essential branches of biotechnology, through which the students can retrieve and evaluate the genetic

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Training Course on "Basics of Molecular Biology", Faculty of Pharmacy

 Basics of Molecular Diagnosis This course is a continuation of what studied from the basics of molecular biology and the different meth

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