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 Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University announces its need to fill the positions of teaching assistants in the following departments:

1. Microbiology Teaching Assistant                               The amount needed (1)
2. Histology Teaching Assistant                                     The amount needed (1)
3. Teaching Assistant in Community Medicine Issue    The amount needed (1)
The Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University announces its need to hire the following resident physician positions:
4. Deputy of General Internal Medicine (1)
5. Deputy Internal Medicine (kidney) Issue (2)
6. Deputy of Neurology Issue (1)
7. Deputy Psychiatric Issue (1)
8. Deputy of intensive care issue (1)
9. Deputy General Surgery Issue (1)
10. Deputy of Cardiothoracic Surgery (1)
11. Deputy of Neurosurgery (1)
12. Deputy Emergency Issue (1)
13. Deputy Ophthalmology (1)
14. Deputy Anesthesia Issue (2)
15. Deputy Nose And Ear (2)
16. Deputy of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Issue 1)
Application Terms and Conditions:
• The applicant must be graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University (period 2017 and 2018) and must be accomplished the excellence year.
• Have a very good grade, at least in the specialization branch in particular and in the GPA of the graduation year.
• Should not have previously obtained a job in the Faculty or have previously applied or have been accepted in a job.
• It is not permitted to transfer between disciplines after accepting one of them.
- The meeting will be held on Thursday, 12/9/2019 at 11:00 am in Hall 3 of the university's hospital.

Required Documents: 
(Deadline for submission is on Wednesday 11-9-2019)
1. Graduation certificate 
2. Certificate of excellence in one of the national universities' hospitals
 3. Certificate of degrees details during the years of study.
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery
Prof.Dr. Dolijat El Meligy