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The idea of establishing the faculty of Applied Arts in October 6th university is to cover the high education requirements in order to serve the Egyptian Community ,& Based upon the idea that Modern economical & Industrial Evolution requires  high level skills .

The Main Goal of establishing the faculty is to contribute in graduating a group of Designer who can lead the economical & Industrial evolution process in the near future, and to give  the chance to everyone who wishes to acquire more skills and who needs continuous development.

 To encourage  the Creative mentality  in the field of developing design

The faculty depends on high Quality staff of Specialists who are concentrating only on the educational Process research, Training &development.The  percentage of the staff number is following the standard rates.

The aim of the course and the educational system is to focus concentration on  the student's ability at thinking & solving problems in the field of Production & Designing as well as Pressing on the creative ability of the student, in both theory & practice.

The faculty, accordingly, works on preparing the proper designers who could enlarge upon Competitive abilities  to renew both the product & the production process,  following the technical & technological description according to the local & international Market requirements.

Dean: Prof.Dr/ Ahmed Ali Awad