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The Mission of the Faculty:

The mission of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, 6th of October University, is to produce a caliber of graduates enhanced with professional and moral values through providing a motivating educational environment that aims at reaching a sound understanding of the other. This is attained via developing academic curricula designed to promote educational and cultural skills in the field of languages and translation. The faculty also provides a distinguished community service in a variety of fields on the national and regional levels.

The Vision of the Faculty:

The Faculty of Languages and Translation seeks to attain communication and interaction with foreign languages and cultures of world civilizations to achieve competitive national, regional and international excellence.

Faculty Objectives:

The graduate should be able to:

1-  Express himself / herself in a correct language, both orally and in writing, to promote the development of his/her independent personality.

2-  Make use of his/her acquired knowledge in the different fields of translation.

3-   Be acquainted with other cultures through applying different literary approaches on textual masterpieces.

4-  Interact effectively with the cultures of foreign languages through applying the latest technological means in the field of languages and translations.

5-  Acquire broad knowledge of the global development through wide reading and scientific research.

6-  Join the job market enhanced with ethical and professional values to contribute towards positive community service.