A Training Course entitled "Molecular Characteristics and Image Design of Two-and Three-Dimensional Chemical Compounds"

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A Training Course entitled "Molecular Characteristics and Image Design of  Two-and Three-Dimensional Chemical Compounds"


Drug Design and Molecular Modeling Systems Unit  - Faculty of Pharmacy -October 6 University organize training course entitled "Molecular  Characteristics and Image Design of  Two-and Three-Dimensional Chemical Compounds" , On April 2, 2016

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Course objectives:

* Mastery of drawing and examine certain amount of installation of two and three dimensions of pharmaceutical compounds.
* Derive information about the relationship between physicochemical properties of the compounds pharmacological characteristics .
* Training on understanding and treatment of electronic spectral characteristics of chemical compounds and synthetic structural calculation constants.
Target group:
All pharmaceutical and medical disciplines interested in ways the design and drug discovery include: -
1. researchers and graduate students in the fields of pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, pharmacology, microbiology.
2. Altdes staff members in the same previous disciplines.
3. researchera  R & D enters in pharmaceutical companies.
4. students at final years  at the Faculty of Pharmacy.
Prof Dr / Farghaly Abdul Hamid Omar, Chairman of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
mm/ Enas Taha Abdul Hamid - Assistant Lecturer, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
ph / Esraa Zakaria Mohammed - Teaching Assistant, Department of Chemistry

Practical sessions:
Carried out by teaching assistants under the supervision of faculty staff.
Duration of the course:
* Number of session hours is 8 hours
From 09:00 am to 05:00 pm
* Registration deadline Wednesday, 03/30/2016
Primacy and priority booking.
The design of drugs and molecular modeling laboratory no. 1013- Mustafa Kamel building
Subscription Fee:
• Date college secretarial office
* Course fee: 200 pounds