Communicating with community actors

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 The Committee for Community Service and Environmental Development at the Faculty of Pharmacy, 6th of October University, addressed all pharmaceutical companies in Egypt through the official e-mail of the Committee in order to participate in the activities of the Committee of medical convoys and visits to hospitals based on donations such as Hospital 57357 and Bahia Hospital, as well as participation in visits to the orphanage and the nursing home in 6th of October City as one of the pictures of community service to the city

 The committee has asked pharmaceutical companies to contribute to medicines for chronic diseases, cold and dermatological medicines, children and others (attached to the email sent to the companies)
It was also agreed with the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy to conduct weekly field visits to pharmaceutical companies to motivate them to contribute to the activities of the Committee  
On the other hand, the Community Service Committee has prepared and designed brochures and brochures to raise awareness of the activities of the units of a special nature of the college and are being printed and field visits will be conducted to universities and various research bodies in Egypt to participate in the activities of the units