Students Participation in the Conference of Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University

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 Fourteen students participated by  5 posters, 4 of them were included as  student researches  in the academic year 2015 /2016 in relation to the theoretical part of phytochemistry-3 , department of pharmacognosy under the supervision of Assit.Prof.Dr.SamirOthman.
Students presented an idea about new product to be used in cases of hypertensive patients and diabetics; it is characterized by easily manufacturing process, low cost with preformation of toxicological studies to ensure the safety of the product. The idea was met with applause and appreciation of the jury and the audience of the Conference.

The students also participated in booster includes the latest scientific researches which aimed at to eliminate cancer through training in the 57357 Hospital under the supervision of the Department of Pharmacology.

It was under the auspices of:
Prof. Dr. - Atef Tadros - Vice Dean for Scientific Research
Prof. Dr. - Nabaweya Mousa - Vice Dean for Student Affairs
Prof. Dr. - Mahmoud Koheil – Dean of the faculty

wishing our students continued success