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O6U Solidarity Program (SSP)

O6U Solidarity Program (SSP):

O6U seeks to operate and develop close partnership with some marginalized and impoverished communities in October 6 City and beyond to contribute in creating a better quality of life. The program, which is administered and managed by the Social Solidarity Program, is dedicated for O6U students and community by providing support in the areas of education, health, job opportunities and other services notably for the elderly and children with special needs.

For more information and assistance please contact:

Mr. Mohamed Ali Mohamed - Head of Social Solidarity Program

Tel: (00202) 38362486

Email: [email protected]

Financial Support (FS):

Financial support and exemptions may be provided in different forms. This support may be in full scholarships or limited ones. Students could make use of the financial loans offered through banks branches available on campus. Students may combine some of these resources to pay for their education. Main forms of financial support are listed below along with banks on campus: 
Title of the scholarship
For every brother or sister
10 %
Brothers ( all the students)
25 %
Sons and daughters of Arab league employees
100 %
United Nations High Commission for Refuges (UNHCR)
( for non-Egyptians)
For total marks of 90% up to less than 95%
For more 95 % and up
10 %
15 %
Excellence in Secondary certificate
( only for Egyptian Thanawia Amma)
For the first place honour student with a maximum of L.E 5000
For the second place honour student with a maximum of L.E 3000
For the third place honour student with a maximum of L.E 2500
For Grade excellent with the maximum of L.E 2000
50 %
30 %
20 %
10 %
Excellence during the academic years
( only for Egyptians)
The proportion of each discount is determined according to each case on its own merits
Disparate rates
Special social cases
( For all nationalities)