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College of Engineering policies in the field of graduate studies and scientific research
1- Develop plans for comprehensive scientific research that ensures link with development plans and the needs of the external community that keep pace with scientific progress and the latest research in various engineering fields.
2- Encouraging scientific publishing in international and local scientific fields with high-impact transactions to ensure the dissemination of such research in various scientific forums.
3- Developing and raising the capabilities of researchers in the college by encouraging them to attend seminars and workshops in various scientific fields
4- Preparing an approved list of graduate studies in the college
5- Integration with college policies in the field of education, community service and environmental development
6- Achieving integration and coordination in the efforts undertaken by the college and university within the framework of the state's plan for scientific research.
College of Engineering policies in the field of community service and environmental development
The College of Engineering always seeks to serve the community, develop the environment and its strategic objectives through a set of policies and activities that will achieve the college's goals and communicate its goals. These policies are as follows:
1- Continuous contribution to solving environmental problems and developing environmental awareness through projects and innovations related to water purification and solid waste recycling.
2- Continuous communication with civil society and various industries in 6th of October City to determine their needs and directions
3- Continuous communication with the graduates and the various bodies working in them
4- Providing scientific support and providing the required training for all spectrums of society surrounding the college
5- Encouraging volunteer work in the field of community service and environmental development
6- Holding seminars to educate students about the importance of environmental services and community service
7- Adoption and lack of environmental and service activities
8- Encouraging research and studies in the field of environmental service
9- Integration with the university’s policies in the field of education and scientific research
Governing Value Policy
1- Working with values ​​governed by integrity and objectivity.
2- Commitment to the ethics of the teaching profession.
3- Environmental development and protection.
4- Developing the skills of the student teacher and preparing him for global competitiveness.
5- Making a decision based on documented information.
6- Active participation in supporting national development plans.
7- Considering the student teacher the center of the educational process.
8- Effective partnership with all relevant and interested parties.
9- Keeping pace with scientific and technological development.
10- Continuous self-evaluation as a basis for development.
11- Serious pursuit of excellence.