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Admission Requirements

  • Students applying for admission to the faculty should fulfill the following requirements:
  • Students should have Thanawea Amma (high school) or its equivalent (science division) for all majors or (math division) for biomedical equipment and radiology & medical imaging majors.
  • Graduates of Health Technical Institute with general grade good at least.
  • Holders of universities degree provided that they are graduates of thanweya amma and equivalents.
  • Areas of specializations and study period:

The study period of faculty majors towards the bachelor degree is four years; a scientific research paper or a creative applied project is required for each major. As for the nursing major, it is for four years plus one year for internship which is for the other three majors obligatory to get the licence of medical practice under supervision of the faculty.

The Degree Granted

October 6 University offers a bachelor degree in applied health sciences technology in the studied program.