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The faculty of applied medical sciences at October 6 University is considered to be a pioneer and unique in the Arab republic of Egypt presenting the following majors: 
Medical Laboratories . 
BioMedical equipment & Systems. 
Radiology and Medical imaging. 
The faculty prepares unique supportive technologists in these fields to be capable of competing in the job market and medical research. 
The faculty achieves these goals through high educational systems in order to attract students either national or international. The faculty ensures suitable environment as well as practical training in the different fields to develop the staff’s capabilities in order to raise the educational level.

Faculty objectives:

1.      To fulfill the needs of the society locally, regionally and globally with specialized graduates in the fields of applied medical sciences.

2.      To prepare the graduates, as well as, train them on the scientific research and develop their knowledge as well as their experience.

3.      Taking interest in the scientific research and linking it with modern technology and needs of the society.

4.      Planning the implementation of postgraduate studies in the fields of different specialties.

5.      Making the faculty become a center for training and continuous education for its graduates and graduates of other similar faculties, where exchange of teaching and training experiences between the faculty and other faculties.

6.      Organize specialized conferences and scientific meetings on regular bases with the purpose of developing the educational and professional levels.