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Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology is a locally and regionally leading faculty, characterized by graduating highly efficient technologists in various applied health science specialties and by producing outstanding applied researches.

Programs offered by the faculty The Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Technology at October 6 University

1-          1. Technology of Medical Laboratories.

2-     2. Technology of Radiology and Medical Imaging.

3-     3. Biotechnology

4-     4. Technology of Nutrition and Food Safety

5-     5. Technology of Biomedical Equipment (Accredited on 19-7-2017)

The study period of each program towards the bachelor's degree is four academic levels (130 credit hours).


 Strategic objectives of the Faculty:

1. To fulfill the needs of the society locally and regionally for specialized graduates in the fields of applied health sciences.

2. To prepare and train graduates in self-learning and to promote their awareness of the importance of pursuing continuous education in their specialties to be able to accommodate scientific developments in the field of applied health sciences.

3. Promote the faculty as a center for training and continuous education for its graduates and those of similar Arab and African faculties as well as exchanging teaching and training experiences with corresponding faculties.

4. Organize specialized conferences and scientific meetings on regular basis with the purpose of upgrading the educational and professional capabilities.

5. Taking interest in the scientific research linked to technological development to provide scientific applicable solutions to the community health problems related to the specialties.

6. Planning for the implementation of postgraduate studies in different health science specialties.

7. Continuous upgrading of the educational program to introduce the newly admitted knowledge