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My Students of the Faculty of Economics & Management

I am honored and pleased to extend to you my sincere congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of the new academic year. I also send you some important information regarding postgraduate studies in the faculty. The faculty has concluded a number of scientific cooperation agreements with the Faculty of Commerce at Helwan University, and the Faculty of Commerce at Ain Shams University in the program of Economics and Political science, Accounting and Management. This is in order to facilitate our graduates and demonstrators for postgraduate studies at the master’s degree, which is a full regular year for two semesters (pre – master’s), then the arrangement for the seminar stage begins, the presentation of the plan and the supervisor’s appointment, and in all these stages the graduate studies committee in the Faculty is supportive of our students until the completion of studying.

With best wishes for a better bright future and more success and luck

Prof. Dr. Osman Muhammad Osman

 Welcome word from the vice dean of the faculty of Economics and management for postgraduate studies and research prof. Othman Mohamed:

The faculty of economics and management at October 6 university is one of the first colleges in the university that started the higher studies in the Pre-Masters and Pre-doctoral degrees in accordance with the academic standards followed in Egyptian and international universities, which allows graduates to complete their higher education within the faculty, which makes join to its studies easier than other universities. The experience has proved to be a remarkable success, as a result of the cooperation agreement with Helwan University in four programs:

1-Political science

2- Management



The success of this experience has encouraged the graduates whether they are from the faculty or even from outside the university to join the postgraduate studies where the college provides the appropriate conditions and sufficient resources for the students to carry out scientific research and upgrade the graduates of the college. As I offer this modest effort to the success of this experience, I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to prof. Tarek Hammad, Dean of the Faculty for his support and encouragement for the success of the postgraduate studies at the college. I also extend my thanks and appreciation to all my colleagues for their dedicated efforts in supporting this program.

With my best wishes,

The vice dean for postgraduate studies and research

                Assistant Prof. Othman Mohammad

The regulations of post graduate studies Faculty of Economics and Management

The Faculty of Economics and Management, October 6 University organizes Postgraduate studies in Master’s degree through the joint scientific supervision system with Helwan University for the third consecutive year, the lectures are taught within the halls of the Faculty of Economics and Management in accordance with the rules of admission in force at Helwan University and the scheduled materials according to the regulation and the attached tables.

The program of Postgraduate studies includes studying at the following departments:



3-Political Science