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Vision & Mission & Objectives


To ensure the quality of the educational process and pursuit of national accreditation and quest of international accreditation


The quality assurance unit is seeking to move forward in the achievement of the activities of the quality standards of education and accreditation and implementation of the internal audit systems, evaluation and continuous improvement to increase performance & improve the educational process for a distinguished alumnus to meet the needs of the labor market


1.       Promote the culture of quality among all employees to raise awareness of the importance of quality education

2.      Train eligible personnel to apply and follow up the quality system

3.      Technical supports for academic departments for continuous development and improvement of educational programs & implementation of  the   learning outcomes

4.      Application  of  the national academy of  reference standards   

5.      Establishment of a database and information and documentation activities within the college.

6.      Provide the staff college with renewable knowledge in quality assurance systems.