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Operating Amadeus System

 Training Course on Operating Amadeus System 

Why is it important to complete Amadeus course?

Amadeus operating system began in 1987 to become one of the fastest distribution systems worldwide.  Becoming so, it is one of the main learning requirements for recruiting any employers, in all travel companies and agencies.

The system acquired the highest market share compared to other international systems.

What are the benefits of such training course?

During the course you will learn how to operate the system that became a must for employment in all travel companies and agencies.

Main learning focus:

     ·        How to reserve via all airlines.

·        Main components of travel ticket.

·        Manual and automated pricing process.

How long is the training course?

Training course (36 hours)

Course Completion Certificate:

Aftercompletion of thecourseandpassing the exam(Open Book Exam)all trainees get an accredited certificate from the university. In case of wanting to obtain a certificate from Amadeus, the trainee pays 20 euros to get another similar exam from Amadeus within the faculty and their accredited certificate upon passing.