Community Initiatives Competition

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The Youth Welfare Department announces the opening of the participation in the community initiatives competition provided that the initiative stems from the needs of society and has a return on society and the environment, in line with the directions of the vision and strategy of Egypt 2030 In a way that ensures the provision of applicable solutions to one of the issues or problems facing society

It is permissible to accept initiatives that have provided initial steps towards achieving the initiative. In general, the initiative must include the following dimensions: -

1.                 Distinction and novelty of the initiative

2.                 Existence of quantifiable goals that can be measured

3.                 Feasibility of the initiative to implement and measure the impact

4.                 he status of volunteer work in the initiative

5.                 The impact of the initiative in addressing societal problems

6.                 Presentation and introduction of the initiative

A hard copy is submitted that includes (idea - goals - mechanisms of action - estimated budget - target group - expected results - key success factors) Ways of support for the initiative (private sector - government - civil society institutions - financing a person ... etc.) and everything that contributes to supporting the initiative or its success The geographical scope of implementing the initiative must be determined (community - village - center - governorate)

Provide a presentation of the initiative (power point) along with an explanatory video of not more than (5) minutes, copied on CD. The team representing the initiative should not exceed (5) individuals. Individual initiatives are not accepted.  The deadline for receiving the initiatives at the Youth Welfare Department is Thursday 12/10.