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Faculty of Languages and Translation
The Faculty of Languages and Translation was established with a view to building bridges among the different cultures and civilizations to qualify cadres who are able to speak and write well through using the state-of-the-art educational methods and language laboratories. The Faculty has the following departments:
• English
• French
• German
• Spanish
• Chinese
The courses taught are geared towards studying the cultures and civilizations of the respective native countries, thus qualifying graduates who are capable of speaking and writing freely. The ultimate goal is to build independent personalities and introduce the students to the varied literary and criticism schools. The Faculty also presents distinctive consecutive and simultaneous courses that prepare the graduates for the labor market through simulating international conferences.
All this assists the graduates in effectively communicating with the civilizations of other countries in order to achieve cultural exchange, thus contributing to international understanding.

The Faculty, moreover, has two centers: the Languages and Translation Center (LTC) and the Center of Excellence (COE), providing unique training programs, and enhancing the competitive edge of the students and graduates. The Department of English provides an MA credit-hour program in literature and linguistics