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 Dean’s welcome massage 

My dear students, faculty members, supporting staff and employees, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Nursing, 6th of October University, 6th of October University, one of the prestigious universities as the first private university established at the level of the Republic characterized by conscious leaders with insightful vision to advance the academic and research level of university graduates. And then the graduates of the College of Nursing.
the College of Nursing, October 6 University, was established by Ministerial Resolution No. (5851) on 12/13/2020, where he was studying nursing within a department of the College of Applied medical Sciences in order to start a nursing education system based on competencies, innovative thinking and problem solving to enrich students with knowledge Modern and nursing skills in accordance with national and international standards and evidence based on scientific research to graduate qualified nurses in non-traditional ways who possess specifications that qualify them to work at the local, regional and global levels ,Based on this, the Faculty of Nursing, October 6 University, is working to prepare a distinguished graduate equipped with scientific, practical and behavioral skills, and has the ability to employ them in self-building, problem solving and continuous learning by providing an advanced educational environment and academic programs that comply with national and international standards and the needs of the labor market Where the Faculty of Nursing, 6th of October University, offers unique and distinct educational opportunities for Egyptian, Arab and foreign students through a selection of faculty and support staff with scientific competence, which is reflected on their professional performance and student access to excellence, creativity and innovation in their fields of specialization, enriching scientific research and building community partnerships.
In conclusion, my students, I ask Allah to guide us to what He loves and is pleased with, and to protect our homeland and our people from all harm. And Allah is the guardian of success.


Prof. Dr. Sabah Saad Al-Sharqawi