The annual student scientific day of the College of Dentistry

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 Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Gamal Samy, President of October 6 University and Prof. Dr. Iman Al-Azizi, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs

The College of Dentistry, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Yahya Al-Baghdadi, Dean of the College, and Prof. Dr. Hadeel Sabry, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, organized the annual student scientific day in the presence of the vice deans, heads of departments, staff members of the faculty, students from various levels, and a group of different dental faculties to judge student competitions, which was held at the university, and the arbitrators praised the advanced scientific level and practical skills of students in various competitions.
On the sidelines of the scientific day, a lecture was held by one of the distinguished graduates of the college, class of 2006: Prof. Dr. Hisham Noah - Assistant Professor and Head of the prosthodontics department and Prosthodontics Consultant - Boston University - USA.
Dr. Hisham has delivered a lecture under the title
Anterior implants: What do I need to know? -
Through the Google meet application from 1-2 PM

A large number of faculty members and students of different academic years attended the college and excelled.
Dr. Noah was highly distinguished in the scientific material presented and the extent to which the lecture kept pace with the scientific development in dentistry.
The scientific day included several competitions
Practical competition
Poster presentation
Oral Presentation
Case Presentation
The attendees praised the students' ingenuity and excellence in research presentations. They also praised the quality of the organization of the day's activities. At the end of the day, the outstanding students were honored for their organizational efforts.