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Informatics Department
Informatics Department seeks to implement a vision aiming at using information technology in a way to transform the university into a distinctive educational institution at the national, regional and international levels.
The Mission of the Informatics Department is to achieve the mechanization of all university activities, educational, administrative and financial through an integrated informatics system based on state-of-the-art technologies to support decision making process. The main objectives of the Department, inter alia are:
·         Establishing an integrated informatics system coping with the latest technologies and meets administrative, managerial and daily requirements.
·         Developing the infrastructure according to the recognized standards and security safeguards.
·         Maximizing the use of Internet.
·         Diffusing information technology culture among university stakeholders through providing wireless coverage to all open areas at campus, university hostels and means of transportation.
·         Providing advanced continuing training to the Department and other university staff members and personnel.
·         Supporting the development of educational process through the application of the latest technologies in teaching and learning distant learning and electronic education).
·         Establishing and developing university websites (including the hospital and library).
·         Building social communications with students, alumni, personnel, teaching faculty members through e-mail services.