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Mission: :

The mission of the faculty of engineering is to graduate engineers capable to well fit with professional manners and respond to national and international job market needs, and to be able to cope with new engineering and technological development. Also to serve and contribute to the betterment and advancement in society in all engineering and technological fields. As well as to develop and maintain a strong commitment to research, community services and to promote excellence in staff, students and graduates according to the mission and objectives of the university.

Vision: :

The faculty of engineering at October 6 University will be recognized as one of the most successful and respected faculties of engineering and to be ranked nationally and internationally, through adopting excellence in teaching, students, stuff and curricula development according to the strategic plan of the university.


· To prepare highly educated engineers to meet the needs of the current work ing market.

· Provide students with the principles of knowledge in basic sciences, humanities and engineering through preparing educational and cultural programs.

· To qualify students with scientific skills and improve their capabilities in analytical thinking and creation.

· Encouraging scientific researches in its professional fields and conducts implicational and technical research which serves the society.

· To serve the society and the environment through spreading engineering cultures in its general fields and also helping in introducing studies, training and consultations for organizations in the society and governmental and private businesses to solve their problems.

· Develop and maintain productive scientific environment that attracts and retains students.

· Pursue high caliber and best faculty members.

· To enhance cooperation between the faculty of engineering in October 6 University and other universities nationally and internationally and to encourage academic and cultural exchange.

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