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1. Preparing engineers with a distinguished level of competence and academic degree to suit the labor market and its requirements.

2. Refine students with the knowledge principles of basic, human and engineering sciences through preparing and developing the necessary educational and cultural programmes.

3. Preparing and qualifying students with advanced scientific skills, and improving their abilities in analytical deduction and creativity.

4. Encouraging and supporting scientific research in its various professional fields, as well as developing technical and applied research for the benefit of society as a whole.

5. Serving society and the environment by disseminating and activating engineering sciences and their applications in various fields, as well as providing services (studies, training and consultations) to community institutions and the government and private sectors, which helps them solve problems and overcome obstacles.

6. Developing and developing a scientific environment that attracts students and stimulates creativity and development.

7. Preserving the selection of the best personnel and competencies who have extensive experience and knowledge of the college.

8. Activating cooperation agreements between the college and its corresponding colleges in Egyptian and foreign universities to exchange experiences and scientific visits.