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Objectives of the Graduate Follow-up Unit


1. Activating communication between graduates and the college to follow up on labor market requirements and the level of skills required in each specialty...

2. Communicating with institutions, bodies, and companies with different specializations and coordinating with them to accommodate the largest possible number of graduates in the college’s fields of specialization.

3. Studying the requirements of the labor market with graduates to know the actual needs of various specializations and to be guided by this in study plans, and to develop new specializations in various engineering fields.

4. Preparing a comprehensive database of college graduates to assist companies and institutions in various fields of specialization.

5. Follow up with various employment agencies, labor offices, and the Engineers Syndicate in terms of providing services to graduates and methods for solving their employment problems.


6. Encouraging graduates and final year students at the college to participate in training programs and courses to develop their skills in a way that is compatible with the nature of the labor market and scientific development.