Medical convoy to Primary Health Care Unit at Warrak island

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 On Thursday 27th April  2017 Faculty of Medicine , October 6 University conducted a medical convoy to a primary health care unit (Warrak island),Giza in collaboration with the University Culture Relationship and Faculties of Pharmacy and Applied Medical sciences and ENACTUS October 6 University. The convoy aimed at offering the most convenient medical service to remote deprived poor areas. Almost all medical specialties were represented including, Internal medicine, general and orthopedic Surgery, Ophthalmology, Ear- nose and throat (E.N.T), Obstetrics &Gynecology, radiology  and pediatrics as well as Medical students , In the same context , The Faculty of Pharmacy shared by supplementing the commonly needed drugs.  The convoy provided diagnosis, treatment and health education for 203  cases internal medicine 56 cases, orthopedic Surgery 25  cases, E.N.T  16 cases pediatrics 44 cases and ophthalmology 32 cases and Obstetrics &Gynecology 20 cases. Ultrasonography  were done to 12 cases and rapid test to diagnose hepatitis C virus was done by Faculty of applied Medical sciences to the attendants.  Moreover, 70 cases were referred to October 6 University hospital for further investigation and surgical treatment.  Awareness lectures were presented to the attendance on hepatitis virus, passive smoking, importance of breast feeding as well as  flyers were distributed including information about scabies disease and drug abuse and side effects of drugs. Questionnaire to assess the patient’s satisfaction and the community needs were distributed by the end of the day.