Discussion of MS.C Thesis in Dermatology & Andrology

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 On Monday 23rd of September  2019, Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University hosted the discussion of M.Sc Thesis in Dermatology and andrology submitted by Dr. / Khaled Hamdy Awaad a graduate from Faculty  of Medicine  October 6 University among the postgraduate agreement with Bany sweif Faculty of Medicine.    The title of the thesis was “Efficacy of topical propranolol 1% and topical timolol 0.5%,in the treatment of pyogenic  granuloma”, under supervision of Prof. Dr.Abel Aziz El Refaii  head of Dermatology & Andrology Department Bany sweif Faculty of Medicine  and Prof.Dr. Abdel-Aziz El-Tawil the Head of Dermatology & Andrology Department October 6 University and  Dr.Rehab Mohamed Lecturer . of Dermatology & Andrology Banha  Faculty of Medicine. The thesis evaluation  committee comprised Prof. Dr.Abel Aziz El -Tawil  in addition to prof. Dr. Mohamed Kotb , Professor of Dermatology & Andrology Al-Azhar University and Prof. Dr. Khadiga Abo Gabal Prof. of Clinical Pathology Bany-Sweif University. The Thesis was accepted by the committee.