October 6 University Hosts photographers of Egyptian Newspapers

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Faculty of Media and Mass Communication hosted on Sunday, March 20, 2016, a group of artists and photographers from photojournalism Department in Journalists' Syndicate in the context of a real interacting between them and the Faculty Students in a seminar titled "Ethics of Press Photo", under the auspices of President of the University Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Attia, Prof. Dr. / Ali Talat, vice-President for Education and Student Affairs and Prof. Mari medkor, Dean of the Faculty. The seminar was attended by: Mr. Houssam Diab Director of Al-Ahram Newspaper, Prof. Dr. Atef Motaey professor of Photography Department, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University AND Mr.  Ahmed Shehata, Head of the Photojournalism Department at the Journalists Syndicate.

Mr. Diab has talked about the ethics of the press photo and journalism's ethics pointing out that it first influential factor in shaping the image of press in Egypt, stressing the necessity of complying with the Press charter when publishing a photo in a way that does not conflict with the professional norms.

The seminar also included the display of press photos, which recently won the Journalists 'Syndicate Award, which was attended by journalists from various newspapers in the Egyptian Journalists' Syndicate, in an Exhibition for Press photos under the auspices of the Faculty.


To see the report, please download the attached file