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Mission :

The mission of the Faculty of Languages and Translation, 6th of October University, is to produce a caliber of graduates enhanced with professional and moral values through providing a motivating educational environment that aims at reaching a sound understanding of the other. This is attained via developing academic curricula designed to promote educational and cultural skills in the field of languages and translation. The faculty also provides a distinguished community service in a variety of fields on the national and regional levels.

Vision :

The Faculty of Languages and Translation seeks to attain communication and interaction with foreign languages and cultures of world civilizations to achieve competitive national, regional and international excellence.

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حفل تكريم الأوائل بجميع الأقسام عن العام الدراسي 2022-2023

تحت رعاية عميد كلية اللغات و الترجمة، أ.د منى أحمد الحلواني، ووكيل كلية اللغات والترجمة لشئون التعليم والطلاب ورئيس قسم اللغة الإسبانية&nb

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Visita de la embajadora de Mexico al Departamento de Lengua Espanola

Bajo el patrocinio de la Prof. Dra. Mona Al-Halawani, Decana de la Facultad de Lenguas y Traducción, y Dr. Marwa Mohamed Ibrahim, Je

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