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Human Resources Development (HRD)

Human Resources Development (HRD)

The Cultural Relations Department undertakes throughout the year a series of HRD lectures and seminars that help students learn more about different skills in leadership, team work, strategic management, time management, negotiation, protocol, writing curriculum vitae, going through personal interviews, presentation, self-assessment, cross-cultural interaction and more. This is complemented by workshops, retreat designed to give students the framework and tools to serve as effective and qualified persons and leaders on campus and domestic and international job markets.  

Activities and events in HRD may include the following:

·         Marketing and promotion

·         Presentation skills

·         Negotiation skills and IT skills

·         Entrepreneurial, communication skills and discretion and diplomacy in dealing with people

·         Crisis management

·         Commitment to fostering cultural diversity amongst the student body

·         The ability to relate to, and interact with people from diverse cultural background

·         The ability to work independently and in teams

·         Engaging in international travel 

·         Flexibility regarding working hours (Time management)

·         Sustainable development issues 

·         Financial systems

·         Knowledge of the higher education environment

·         Project management skills

·         Strategic planning and management

·         Problem solving and decision making

·         Protocol and public relations  

·         The art of writing and draftsmanship both in Arabic and foreign languages

·         Research methods (methodology)

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To be a center of excellence of knowledge and technology having close ties to local and international organization


To provide professional and technical skills for students, graduates, and employees of Egyptian and Arabic universities in the medical, social humanities, technological, banking and commerce, and quality assurance areas. 

To provide certified basic and advanced training programs in these areas for Individuals, governmental and private organizations in the framework of community services and human development.

To participate in joint research projects as a mean to enhance scientific research and the role of the university on the local and international levels.


To provide specialized training programs with official certificates for the industrial, commercial, and services sectors in the society. 

To engage in research and development activities to enhance the role of the university on the local and international levels. 

To cooperate and sign agreements with local and international universities, training institutes, unions, and organizations.

Training and Human Development Programs: 

-          Banking

-          Accounting and Finance

-          Financial Investment and stock market Analysis

-          Management and Human Resources

-          Marketing and Advertising

-          Photography, Cinema, and TV

-          Computer Technologies and Information Systems

-          Engineering Technology

-          Interior Decorating and Furniture

-          Medicine and Health

-          Social Studies and Humanities

-          Quality Assurance

-          Industrial Pharmaceuticals

-          University staff skill Development

-          Leadership skills

-          Advanced courses for students