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Cultural Relations Department:

In coordination with the concerned faculty the Department of Domestic and International Cultural Affairs renders the assistance required in organizing conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops and other cultural activities….more

The Department also organizes seminars and symposia aiming at discussing societal current issues and creating awareness on some negative aspects so as to combat them and at the same time build on the positive aspects (fighting negligence, civil defense and fire fighting, birth control and no smoking campaign just to cite a few examples). 

The Department takes  active part in sharing diplomatic and consular missions accredited in Egypt and their respective communities their National Days celebrations  and other national events with a view to fostering  bonds of cooperation and friendship and enhancing students awareness of other peoples and countries( e.g. celebrating the birthday of His Royal Majesty the King of Thailand in coordination with the Royal Thai Embassy in Cairo and celebrating with the Embassy of Poland in Egypt the 20th anniversary of solidarity).

The Department offers students a window of opportunity to learn management and leadership skills by training them to take part in organizing events and activities through the Student Cultural Affairs Committee which also serves as a bridge of understanding and communication between students and the university administration.

The Department provides the opportunity for the students to take part in field visits and in the undertaking of simulations in coordination with the faculty concerned in a way to cater to the learning process requirement (e.g. the visit to the people's Assembly and attending some sessions and training).

Another main feature of the Department is taking part in competitions and cultural activities organized by other universities in order to foster ties of cooperation and exchange experience. These interactions are further enhanced through the different agreements reached with other domestic universities such as Cairo University, Alexandria University and Helwan University (e.g. joint festival of the Faculty of Fine Arts of O6U and its counterpart of Helwan University and the participation of O6U students in the competition organized by the American University in Cairo - AUC).

For more information and assistance please contact:

Ms. Yousra Ahmed – Manager of Cultural Relations Department

Tel: (00202) 38353987

E-mail: [email protected]