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Sixth of October 6 University Library (SOUL)

Sixth of October 6 University Library (SOUL)

The mission of SOUL to support the instructional and research needs of the O6U community and beyond. This large Library is considered an acclaimed all-embracing centre of culture.

SOUL is situated 150 all campus, and stretches over 9000 square meters area. It has three floors with several halls and rooms for different multifaceted functions and activities.

SOUL provides the academic community with one of the largest well-stocked research and study collections for students, faculty, staff and visitors.

The Library holds more than 85000 printed books in both the Arabic and English languages, more than 1500 reference books, 200 printed periodical subscriptions, 4500 electronic periodical subscriptions, 60000 electronic books and 5000 books on CD's not to mention the specialized library of the Faculty of Engineering in the field of Architectural Engineering.

For more information and assistance please contact:

Dr. Mores Abo El Saad Mekhael -SOULConsultant

Tel: (00202) 38376282

E-mail: [email protected]