The First Festival of Documentary Cinema "Qash Elrozz" as the Best Documentary Film and "Badria" as the Best Feature Film at the Faculty of Media and Mass Comm.

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Within the framework of cultural activity inside and outside the University, theFaculty of Media and Mass Comm. organized the First Festival of Documentary and Feature Films on Monday 04/04/2016, headed by Ashraf Zaky, Actors Syndicate, actress Wafaa ElHakim and Maged Amin, Director at ElNahar Tv Channel.

The Festival was held under the auspices of Dr. Marie Madkour, Dean of the Faculty, and organized by the "Sahwa Family."

Actors Syndicate talked about the film industry and the approach which must be followed in order to reach the goal that art is the reason for the rise of peoples.

Also artist Wafaa al-Hakim mentioned that without science and art it is difficult to live a proper human life and that with art the conscience grows.


Faculty Students participated at the festival with 16 films that were presented in the conference room at the Faculty of Media and Mass Comm. and the Film"Qash Elrozz" won the award for Best Documentary Film, Best Documentary Director and Best Editing, the "Badria" won the Award for the Best Feature Film and Best Scenario, the film "Saada Wahmya" won the award for the Best Feature Film Director, the Film "Dunia" won the Best Scenario, the Film "Doctor Hussein" won the Best Undertaking and the Best Audio Commentary, and the FILM "Elreda" won the Best  soundtrack. Finally certificates of appreciation were distributed to the organizers of the Festival.