Reception Party for Batch Twenty at the Faculty of Media and Mass Communication

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 In the presence of Vice President for Education and Student Affairs Prof. Ali Talat, Faculty of Media and Mass Communication organized a reception party for batch twenty on Sunday, 16/10/2016, attended by a group of journalists, experts and specialists in the field:

Mr. Charles ElMasri (Sawt Al-Umma Newspaper))

Mr. Fatima Shaarawy (Radio, Television, Al-Ahram Newspaper))

Mr. Refaat Fayyad (Al-Akhbar ElYoum Newspaper))

Mr. Abdul Ghani Al-Maliki (Egyptian National TV))

Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim (Creative Foundation for Advertising))

Mr. Mo'men AlHabaa (Former (Editor in Chief of AlMasaa Newspaper))

Mr. Abdul-Jawad Abu Kab (Rose Al-Youssef Foundation))

Mr. Mohamed Abou El Fadl (Al Ahram Advertising Agency))

Mr. Magdi Abdul Aziz (Al-Akhbar ElYoum Newspaper))

Certificates of appreciation were delivered for distinguished students of active families, including Fekra Family, Sahwa Family and Youth Media Family))