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The broad outlines of the core values and professional ethics of the college:
The Faculty has core values that are aligned with the core values of the university and are approved by Faculty Council Number (117) on 25/10/2021.


Core Values of the Faculty
Core Values of the University
Innovation and Excellence:Providing scientific resources and a suitable environment to encourage students to innovate and excel in scientific research.
Discipline: Following discipline in fulfilling duties within specified timeframes and adhering to instructions issued by the college or university.
Rewards and Punishments:Adhering to the principle of rewarding achievements and outstanding work, as well as implementing punishments when necessary, according to the laws and regulations established by the Higher Council of Egyptian Universities, the college, or the university.
Qualification and Training:Supporting the qualification and training of students to prepare them for the job market through specialized academic programs in various information technology fields.
Justice and Non-Discrimination: Ensuring fairness in the distribution of workload and teaching responsibilities, avoiding discrimination between faculty members, assistant staff, administrative staff, and students at the college, regardless of personal considerations, when assigning workloads or dealing with educational and student affairs.
Community Engagement:Establishing partnerships with civil society institutions to raise awareness about the latest developments in information technology.
Activities and Competitions: Encouraging participation in cultural, social, and sports activities, as well as various events and competitions in the field of information technology.
Commitment to Research Ethics:Ensuring that all faculty members and assistant staff adhere to intellectual property rights and research ethics.
Innovation and creativity: By providing a supportive and stimulating environment for knowledge exploration, application, and embracing development initiatives, we strive for excellence in applied scientific research.
Commitment and Responsibility: Commitment to duties and responsibilities, accomplishing required tasks, monitoring performance plans or tasks, and promptly responding to surrounding changes while keeping up with rapid developments.
Accountability and Transparency: Being accountable for actions and behaviors, adhering to workplace codes of conduct, and being accountable according to the laws and regulations governing the university's operations.
Academic Freedom: Encouraging innovation and upholding sound academic traditions in all aspects of scientific and educational activities, defending the rights of faculty members, students, and staff to freely express their opinions within the framework of knowledge and information development and dissemination. The university ensures intellectual freedom and freedom of expression within the legal framework for all its members and invited individuals.
Training and Continuous Education:Supporting training and continuous education within the university community and beyond, enhancing continuous intellectual growth by providing opportunities for continuous education, training, and educational programs, conducting directed scientific research to serve the community and meet its needs, and achieving its aspirations.
Community Responsibility: Establishing effective local and global partnerships that contribute to building a knowledge-based community service.
Integrity and Scientific Honesty:The university is committed to documenting all its procedures and presenting its thoughts and ideas to the community and scientists to assess the extent of its contributions to global knowledge.