The Faculty of Education Inaugurates the Third Conference of the Faculty of Education under the Rubric "The Future of Teacher Preparation and Development in the Arab world"

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The Faculty of Education October 6 University has hosted and organized a conference entitled "The Future of Teacher's Preparation and Qualification in the Arab World" on Sunday and Monday 23- 24 April 2017. This conference is part of a collaborative venture with the Professional Academy for Teachers and the Arab Educator's League and is under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Ahmed Attia Saida, President of October 6 University and Prof. Dr. Khair El- Din Abdelatif, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees for International Strategies and  Cultural relations. The gathering is organized by Prof. Dr. Salah Khedr, Dean of the Faculty of Education and conference chair, Prof. Dr. Salah El- Din Ghoniem, Chair of the Professional Academy for Teachers and Prof. Dr. Maher Ismail Sabry, Head of the Arab Educators' League.

The conference has successfully attracted 115 Abstracts, 96 of which were accepted for presentation over the course of the two days with a number of concurrent sessions. Ten countries participate in the conference mentioned in no particular order; Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Oman, Jordan, Algiers, Iraq and Qatar, Palestine and Malaysia. Japan presents a contribution in one of the sessions on the Japanese experience.


The conference includes two artistic events: first, a musical event with a student choir from the Early Childhood Department will sing anthems under the supervision of Dr. Rania Mostafa, Assistant Professor of Musicology at Helwan University. Second, an exhibition of student works organized under the supervision of Dr. Samia Nassef, Lecturer of Fine Arts, Helwan University.