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Mission: :

The Faculty of Applied Arts aims at the development of innovative work in the design field, this will be achieved by continuous research and development in all the departments of the faculty.

· The target is to provide the country with specialists in the technical and applied fields through education, training and research in order to participate in community service.

· Take advantage of the sectors of production, services and industrial enterprises in the training of students to reach the desired level in the field of scientific and vocational training.

· The Faculty aims at the graduation of designers in Applied Arts who would be able to provide designs that would meet the international requirements .

· The educational process is to promote the development of a relationship between art and technology .

Vision: :

The Faculty of Applied Arts contributes to the promotion of human values and taste and to Provide the country with designers and experts equipped with the knowledge and advanced research methods.

* To reflect the heritage of the Egyptian people, their traditions, and cultural aspects .
* To encourage the investment and development of Human wealth through the development of the innovative mind to meet needs of society and production centers.

* To open up new fields in the world of applied arts and international levels.

Advisory Arts Center for innovation and Projects owners:

- To provide technical consultation in production problems and to provide the necessary services for the development of industry and society.

Opening new sections such as:

Fashion - production design ... to expand employment service in the field of design and production in the Applied Arts and resolving their problems.
- activate units of a special nature to provide training programs for community service internal and external.

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