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About the Social Responsibility Program

Social Responsibility Program

Activities of O6U Program of Social Solidarity for the Promotion of Environment and Community Service
The Program of Social Solidarity was founded in the year 2000 with the target of alleviating the suffering of the needy and marginalized people to assert the role of the university in community service. The Program had an efficient role in supporting the role of the state in all life aspects. Since the noble objective of the university is spreading knowledge all over our homeland, it would be a pleasure to start our achievements with what we offered to the students unable to pursue their education for financial reasons.

Educational Support:

1- Paying the fees for students unable to pay in different stages of education in coordination with education directorates. A list of students' names of each school is sent for us to pay on their behalf or else their families directly submit a request to the Program.
2- The Program pays full fees of higher education for all orphan houses inmates by enrolling them in O6U or in The City of Culture and Sciences or pays their fees in any other alternative institution, by donating them new clothes at the beginning of the new academic year and rewarding the excellent students with valuable presents.
 3- Supplying schools with any equipment that might be in shortage to avoid impeding the educational process. Directorate of Education in 6th October Governorate was provided by 110 computers. Furthermore, it is planned to carry out works of internal maintenance at schools (such as windows glass – doors – new desks)
 4- O6U students are the first worthy of our care. Therefore, the Program examines the social status of students who experience hardships that may hinder paying the university fees to estimate the appropriate awards. Furthermore, the Program is committed to its role towards the brotherly Arab students especially those who face severe hardships in Iraq and Palestine.
5- Our utmost care is given to schools that educate children of special needs in coordination with the Ministry of Education. The Program supports schools of special needs children through providing them with equipment required for the completion of the educational process whether auditory equipments or headsets necessary for completing their studies. The Program also provides Braille printers for the blind and the equipments of intellectual education schools.
- Numbers of special needs classes offered in different governorates:
1- Education Directorate in Alexandria: 13Auditory -  2 Braille - 8 Intellectual
2-     Education Directorate in Damietta: 1Auditory -1 Braille - 1 Intellectual
3-     Education Directorate in Sohag: 4Auditory - 1 Braille - 2 Intellectual
4-     Education Directorate in Al Sharqia:   2Auditory
5-     Education Directorate in Al Fayioum:    2Auditory - 1 Braille - 1 Intellectual
6-     Education Directorate in Beni Sueif : 12Auditory - 1 Braille - 2 Intellectual
7-     Education Directorate in Al Dakhla: 2Auditory - 1 Intellectual
8-     Education Directorate in Al Kharga:  2Auditory - 1 Braille -1 Intellectual
9-     Education Directorate in Al Menia:   10Auditory - 1 Braille -  3 Intellectual
10- Education Directorate in 6th of October: 4Auditory

Medical Aid:

1-      The Program offers free medical care either in O6U Hospital or elsewhere. The number benefitted thereof in 2009/2010 reached 18381 cases ranging from medical examination to major surgical operations as detailed below:
• 17217              Medical examination
• 419                  General surgery operations
• 98                    Different heart operations
• 212                  Different internal medicine operations
• 435                  Different birth operations
 2-  Establishment of  a renal dialysis center with all its requirements to offer  free services:
• A Center for renal dialysis that includes 6 renal dialysis machines in addition to a station for water desalination and it was subjoined to Al Badrasheen Central Hospital for management process follow up.
• Establishment of  a renal dialysis center with all its requirements to offer  free services:
• A Center for renal dialysis that includes 6 renal dialysis machines in addition to a station for water desalination and it was subjoined to Al Ghar Hospital for management process follow up.
3- Establishment  of a care center for premature infants made up of 4 normal incubators and 2 incubators equipped with artificial respiration machines to serve the northern area of the Sixth of October governorate( Al Saff – Al Ayyat – Al Badrasheen – Matania – Al shobak) and it was subjoined to Al Badrasheen Central Hospital for its Management.
4- Donation for purchasing an accelerator for Ayadi Al Mostaqbal Association for free tumor treatment.
5- Establishment of endoscopies center affiliated to Al Nour Al Mohammadi Association in Menia.
6-  Establishment of a rehabilitation center in psychological diseases hospital in Alexandria and equipped with workshops for learning handcrafts ( a carpentry workshop– carpets workshop – kilim workshop – atelier )
7- Dispatching medical convoys to remote areas to provide the needy with the medical care. The convoy provides doctors, medicines and prosthetic devices. It is also through the convoy that critical cases could be transferred to O6U Hospital to pursue their course of treatment. Another medical convey was dispatched to Al Ghar village in Al Sharqia governorate, Al shobak village in Al Badrasheen and Al Kharga oasis in Al Wadi Al Gadid Governorate.

Aid Offered to Individuals with Special Needs:

Individuals with special needs may benefit from the following services:
Free medical care and physical therapy are provided by October 6 University (O6U) and the Faculty of Physical Therapy.
Giving free prosthetic devices such as artificial limbs, hearing aids and wheel chairs for various disabilities.
The Program contributes 2000 L.E. in the price of a motorcycle if needed in addition to the contribution of other benevolent organizations such as Egyptian Doctors Syndicate, Rabia Al-Adawiyya Mosque and Kabnoori.
In coordination with the Education Directorates, children with disabilities are donated prosthetic devices.
Visual, audio and mental classes in schools and civil society Organization in addition to furnishing and equipping classes of  the NGOs concerned such as Al-Nour Al-Mohammady in Minya, Al-Ghar in Sharqia, Al-Hussary, and Local Community Development Association in 6th of October City, the National Institution for the Development of Al-Hussary, Al-Matanya Development Association and Suzan Mubarak Exploration Centre.

Aid Provided to Orphan Houses:

Orphan houses in 6th of October City and elsewhere are paid much attention in the Program:
Full and free medical services in October 6 University Hospital are provided, in addition to dispensing medications around the clock, performing surgical operations with open ceiling expenses. These services are provided for the following houses:
Beit Amina for Orphans, Al-Ameen for Orphans, Gonood Al-Rahman, Al-Rahman for Special Needs – Rufakaa Al-Nabi and Lylat Al-Qadr.
Organizing periodical visits for O6U students to orphan houses where they distribute gifts and spend a whole day with the kids.
Paying school fees for orphans either in orphan houses or at home.
Providing financial aid at the beginning of the academic year to help orphans buy stationary.
Awarding scholarships to the distinguished students by enrolling them in October 6 University; the fees are paid by the Program.
Organizing an annual ceremony to mark Orphan Day; 2000 kids are invited and given new clothes, toys and meals. O6U campus will host a fun fair, shows from the National Circus and a concert attended by some art celebrities.

Financial Aid for the Low-income Groups:

• The Program provides a monthly pension for the needy and marginalized people and widowers provided they have no other source of income or another pension. The value of the income is determined via the social research.
• The Program presents an aid that is called "first-shot aid". It is based on giving the payee a specific amount of money to face a certain emergency such as marriage, death, illness or house demolition. 1250 cases benefitted from this aid last year.
• The Program provides aid for small projects in which the individual can support and maintain himself and his family such as bakery, sewing machine, small shop or kiosk. 258 families benefitted from this aid last year.
• Cooperation with NGOs and civil society organizations to raise awareness in handicrafts with the aim of helping small projects which generate work opportunities in the society:
• Al-Nour Al-Mohammady in Minya where sewing training centre was built  - carpets-making training centre - carpentry training - alumetal - computer training.
• Al-Ghar Association in Sharqia where carpets and carpentry training centre - computer training class.
• Al- Hussary Association - computer training class
• Local Community Development Association in 6th October City - computer training class
• The National Institution for Family and Community Development - computer training class
• Almatanya Development Association - Computer training class
• Suzan Mubarak Exploration Centre - Computer training class

O6U Employees and Staff Members:

• O6U Employees, staff members and their families may benefit from the following services:
• Medical care for the employees and their families through October 6 University and elsewhere if needed in special cases.
• Financial aid in case of death, marriage or birth.
• Urgent aid for the family of the deceased to help with funeral expenses
• An annual pension for the families of the deceased. The Program is committed to help their children pursue education and contribute  in the marriage of their daughters.

Calamities and Disasters:

The Program in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Solidarity contributes in alleviating sufferings of the victims and the bereaved emanating from disasters and accidents that may afflict the country to cite a few examples:
1. Contributed in encountering the dire consequences of the Upper Egypt train catastrophe by donating the sum of L.E. 3000 for victim's families.
2. Contributed in alleviating sufferings following the collapses of the Alexandria factory by donating L.E. 2000 for victim's families.
3. Contributed in Dweqa landslide through the following:
• Covering the treatment expenses of six cases in October 6 University Hospital.
• Distributing food for the victims.
• In cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, L.E. 1000 were donated for each victim family to help furnish new homes.
• In cooperation with the Arish Governorate to face floods at the beginning of 2010, 1000 blankets, 50 wardrobes, 100 beds and 100 mattresses were sent to help furnish new homes for the victims.
Special Care for Families of the Martyrs:
• We can not forget Egypt's martyrs from police and armed forces who lost their lives defending this nation:
• The University hosts an annual ceremony to pay tribute to the martyrs and provide scholarships for the distinguished from their sons and daughters.
• The University provides an exclusive benefits for sons and daughters of the martyrs.
• Supporting martyr's families through providing medical care in October 6 University Hospital.

Participation in Grand National Projects:

The Program contributed in grand national projects
1- 26 of July axis to join the 6th October city with the cost of L.E 15 million.
2- Youth housing projects.
3- Low income housing projects
4- Children Cancer Hospital 57357
5- Ayadi al Mostaqbal Hospital for tumors treatment in Alexandria.
6- Establishment of a public garden at the 6th October city and paving the surrounding streets

Support for Worship Places:

1- Taking part in the concrete foundation of Al Mahatta mosque in Ezbet Al Nakhl
2- Contributing in the renovation of Al Kahlawy mosque in Al Basateen
3- Donating a vehicle for transportation of the dead for Ahmed Hamdy mosque in Ain Shams.

New Projects in the Pipe Line:

1- Due to the soaring marriage expresses which renders it a far-fetched hope especially regarding orphans and low income families at large, a collective marriage celebration is being prepared for 50 female orphans to be provided with home requirements according to their needs. The event will be carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the patronage of the Governor of 6 of October Governorate and the Ministry of Social Solidarity with the hoped of wide participation of the surrounding businesses and enterprises having in mind turning the event into an annual tradition.  
2- Getting Ready for any emergency conditions resulting from torrents or any emergency that occur in winter at large.
3- Donation for the new cancer hospital in 6th October City.
The Prominent Role Undertaken by the (O6U) Hospital in Community Services
 (1) The Hospital dispatches several medical convoys in all specializations to examine patients of October 6 Governorate offering them the medical services and allowing them to undergo surgeries in the educational and economic sections with low prices.
(2) The Hospital cooperates with various charity centers especially orphan houses like Resala, Ahbab el Nabi, Al Hosary and Dar Amna in offering free medical services to their inmates.
(3) The Hospital offers the service of periodical examination for workers in factories that are contracted with the hospital, which results in early discovery of diseases and maintenance of the productive manpower.
(4)  Cooperates with the Program in providing treatment for the needy to ensure sound, healthy and productive manpower.
(5) Establishment of a department for medical isolation in coordination with the Ministry of Health during the outbreak of Swine Flu or other contagious diseases to receive the cases (which reached16 cases) and treat them.
(6) The Hospital organizes and conducts symposia to raise the medical awareness in clubs (for instance the Sixth of October Club). Moreover, the Hospital offers though these symposia an introduction to the services available.
(7) The Hospital established a clinic to help quit smoking under the supervision of thoracic diseases counsellors as a contribution in community service.
(8) The Hospital cooperates with the state in environment protection through the establishment of a medical unit specialized in infection control. Furthermore, the unit has managed to devise an elaborate system for the safe disposal of wastes with training workers on dealing with wastes in the proper scientific way.
(9) The Hospital cooperates with the Ministry of Health in receiving cases allowed to be treated at the expense of the state together with health insurance patients to facilitate admitting these cases.

Activities of O6U Program of Social Solidarity for the Promotion of Environment and Community Service

• Educational Support.
• Medical Aid.
• Aid Offered to Individuals with Special Needs.
• Aid Provided to Orphan Houses.
• Financial Aid for the Low-income Groups.
• O6U Employees and Members Staff.
• Calamities and Disasters.
• Special Care for Families of the Martyrs.
• Participation in Grand National Projects.
• Support for Worship Places.
• New Projects in the Pipe Line.
• The Prominent Role Undertaken by the (O6U) Hospital in Community Services.

For more information and assistance please contact:

Mr. Mohamed Ali Mohamed - Head of Social Solidarity Program
Tel: (00202) 38362486
[email protected]