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Vision :

Excellence and leadership in providing educational programs with high educational quality, developing the efficiency and skills of graduates, and increasing their ability for creativity and innovation.

Mission :

The faculty seeks to prepare sophisticated graduates, provide and enhance their ability with the skills, knowledge, ethical and professional values necessary for the labor market and enhance its competitiveness through developing the ability to analyze, conclude, plan, make decisions, manage risks and crises, provide the appropriate environment to support training and continuous learning, and provide all guidance and areas for advanced research. As well as get more Involved in Academic studies, scientific and applied studies and community participation.

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News: Free Online Training"

 Free Online Training" organizes the Training and Agreements Unit at the Faculty of Economics and Management in cooperation with

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News:The Information and Decision Support Center at the Council of

 The Information and Decision Support Center at the Council of Ministers honored a number of distinguished young graduates and students of the

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