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 Training Unit, Conventions and Partnerships (TCPU)

The Trainings, Agreements and Partnerships Unit was established by the decision of the Dean of the College No. (24) dated 9/6/2019.

First: Vision of the Training Unit, Agreements and Partnerships:

Achieve a leading societal role at the internal and external levels that benefits all members and students of the college and develops their performance, as well as surrounding institutions.

Second: Mission of the Training Unit, Agreements and Partnerships:

Activate the role of the Faculty of Economics and Management in confronting the problems of society and contribute to the solution of development issues.

Third: Objective of the Trainings, Conventions and Partnerships Unit:

Assisting in solving problems and developing and improving the performance of the college in all disciplines.

Fourth: Competence of the Unit of Trainings, Conventions and Partnerships:

1) Organizing training programs and seminars in various branches and at all levels.

2) Conducting research and consultations for the purpose of assisting departments in overcoming applied problems.

3) Holding scientific conferences in the field of administrative, educational, cultural, economic and political development.

4) Conclude agreements and partnerships with bodies working in the same field inside and outside the country.

5) Conduct specialized studies and form a database.


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