The Key Achievements Made by the Social Responsibility Program

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The Key Achievements Made by the Social Responsibility Program

 The Key Achievements Made by the Social Responsibility Program


October 6 University 

1 - Free medical care and physical therapy at the 6th of October University Hospital and the Faculty of Physical Therapy, or elsewhere are provided. This item exhausts the largest part of the program's budget. The number of beneficiaries exceeds 5800 – ranging between middle and critical medical care cases.

2 - Medical care for orphanages is provided. The following Orphan houses take advantage of this service:

Amena House for Orphans – Al-Ameen for Orphans – Al-Rahman Soldiers –

Al-Rahman for Persons with Special Needs – Companions of the Prophet –

Al-Qadr Night.

3 - Money support and medical service have been provided for Syrian families.

4 - 450 students from 6th of October University who undergo conditions that prevent them from paying expenses have been aided.

5 - 14 computer classes at schools were equipped and outfitted with computer programs for people with special needs as follows:

2 classes in Al-Dakhla Oasis

2 classes in Al-Kharja Oasis

2 classes at AlNadha Experimental School in AlHaram.

1 class at Al-Amal School for the Deaf and Dumb

1 class at AlSadat Educational Administration

29 devices for the Educational Administration in October City to be distributed to schools

1 class at Al-Amal School in Menofia Governorate

Preparing a computer class at the Amena Orphan House

Preparing a class at AlRahman's Lover Society

6 – The program pays the entire expenditures of the higher education for high ranked children of the orphanages by joining either October 6 University or the Culture and Sciences City, as well as by paying their tuition fees in any other educational place.   18 students have been benefited from this.

7 - The program pays tuition fees for 730 unable students at different stages of education.

8 - In coordination with the Ministry of Education, the Program provides support for special needs schools by supplying them with the equipment needed to complete the educational process, such as audio devices and headphones. Recently, AlMinya Governorate has participated by 4 audio classes; New Valley Governorate has participated by 4 audio classes; and AlMenoufia Governorate has established two classes.

9 - Schools Complex for the dumb has been equipped at the Customs (Jomrok) district in Alexandria; two classes were equipped with the latest audio computer programs and 32-inch LCD screens.

10 - Prosthetic devices, such as artificial limbs, headphones and wheelchairs, for various disabilities are provided for free via simple procedures. These devices were presented to 38 cases. Another 120 cases were benefited from them. The program also contributed to the purchase of 5 motorcycles for people with special needs.

11 – The program has aided a demonstrator at the Faculty of Dentistry, who suffers from a serious disease and is reserved at the intensive care, by a contribution of 50,000 L.E.

12 - An Orphan Day Ceremony for 300 orphans from orphan schools, as well as 300 children from orphan houses, was conducted in coordination with the Educational Administration in October 6 City.  Toys, clothes and meals were distributed to children who enjoyed the rubber toys on 03/04/2013.

13 - The program provides a monthly pension for no-income category and widows who have no income or other pension. The value of the pension is determined by a social search for 356 cases.

14 - The program provides a subsidy, called lump-sum subsidy, that the beneficiary receives a one-time amount to meet a particular emergency or a certain situation (marriage, death, disease, house demolition, etc.). 3290 persons have benefited from such a subsidy.

15 - The program provides a subsidy to make a simple project through which the individual can feed himself and his family, such as a small oven, a sewing machine, a small shop or a haberdashery.  114 families have been benefitted from such a subsidy.

16 - Ten brides were provided with the necessary needs for marriage. A ceremony for preparing 50 orphaned and unable brides will be conducted in September 2013.

17 – The program donated to the marriage of 9 orphaned girls at the Good Heart Society for the Care of the Blind and Orphans in a ceremony held at Cairo Stadium on 05/04/2013.

18 - 5 pregnancy ultrasound machines were donated to be distributed to remote medical centers in the New Valley Governorate with a total cost of 90,000 L.E.

19 - A Breakfast Ceremony will be conducted for a number of orphanages and the Feast clothes will be purchased.