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 Hotel & Restaurant

There are two hotels in October 6 University. The first one is the Girls hotel, located on campus,, and the other one is the Boys hotels that is located outside the university (150 m from the university)

The Girls Hotel Facilities and Services:

·         The hotel consists of 263 rooms (single and double). Most of the hotel’s rooms are finely furnished,  equipped with T.V, Air Condition, private bathrooms. 

·         The students dining rooms capacity is more than 500 chairs 
-   VIP restaurant. 

·         Internet lab is available for students with DSL cable and wireless services. 

·         Each floor has a living room with T.V and Satellite system. Also small fully equipped kitchen.

·         Housekeeping and room services are available all day. 

The Boys Hotel Facilities and Services: 

·         There are 231 rooms (single and double). Most of the hotel’s rooms equipped with T.V and Air Condition and a  private bathroom.

·         The main restaurant’s capacity is 700 chairs with highly equipped and organized food line. The two main entrance of the hotel are located in the first and second floor.

·         The internet lab is available for students with DSL cable. Also the wireless service is available in all rooms. 

·         Main Living Room with LCD TV and Satellite system. 

·         Services in the Two Hotels:  
-         Laundry. 
-         Three meals are served per day. 
-         A fully equipped kitchen in each hotel. 
-         The two hotels are responsible for organizing most of the university events. 
        security service is available 24 hours. 

·         The Educational facilities for Guidance Department.

·         There are two Educational museums: 

The Indoor Museum: 

It is located inside the faculty. The museum contains hundreds of exhibits that present different historical periods.

The Outdoor Museum: 

It is located in front of the faculty, on campus. The exhibits are in original size reflecting the different stages of the Pharaonic periods.

Banks :

O6U has a number of Banks and Insurance Companies to serve its students.