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Mission: :

The Faculty of Dentistry, October 6 University, is committed to preparing a graduate capable of providing comprehensive and integrated medical care in the field of oral and dental medicine, providing therapeutic services to the surrounding community, and focusing on applied research within the framework of ethical professional practices.

Vision: :

The Faculty of Dentistry, October 6 University, aspires to be one of the leading faculties locally and regionally in the field of medical education, community service and scientific research in the art and science of dentistry.

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The Faculty of Dentistry won first place in the top students

 The Faculty of Dentistry, October 6 university congratulates its sons, the heroes participating in the competition of the top students, which

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The opening of a training center to qualify dentists to obtain the

 The trainee obtains accredited certificates with the practical requirements for each semester from accredited trainers from the British Col

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First thesis defense in Faculty of Dentistry

 Faculty of Dentistry is proud to announce our first thesis defense for the fulfillment of Master degree requirements in Operative Dentistr

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Scientific day for the College of Dentistry

 Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Gamal Sami, President of the University And Prof. Dr. Iman Al-Azizi Vice President for Postgraduate Aff

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The journey after graduation: A message to success

Under the care of Prof. Dr. Hisham Tamraz Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs And Prof. Dr. Yehi

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