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الهستوباثولوجى ويشمل$0$0$01. التشريح الوصفى للأسنان. Dental Anatomy (DAN 111, 122) The basic course of dental anatomy consists of a thorough study of the nomenclature or the system of names used to describe different surfaces of tooth as well as a full description of the morphology of crown and root for each tooth in both deciduous and permanent dentition. The curriculum is designed to correlate the physiologic tooth form of the teeth with the health of the periodontium. The course comprises one-hour lecture and  two hours practical sessions weekly.$0$0$0$0$02. بيولوجيا الفم والأسنان. Oral Biology (OBI 211, 222) This course provides students with an introduction to orofacial histology and embryology from a microscopic and developmental aspect. Principles of cell structure and function are studied with particular emphasis on those concerned with head, facial region and oral cavity supplemented with slides. The aim is to provide the student with morphological basis for their future in clinical dentistry. The practical course includes the preparation of ground and decalcified sections and identification of different oral and dental hard and soft structures under the microscope. The course comprises two-hour lecture and two hours of practical sessions weekly.$0$0$0$0$03. أمراض الفم والأسنان. Oral Pathology (OPT 311, 322)  The program consists of an interdisciplinary course that covers the basic principles of pathology through presentation of morphologic, chemical and physical changes of basic disease processes. An important specific emphasis is placed on diagnosis, etiology, pathogenesis and clinical manifestation of disease processes in the oral cavity. Important topics such as etiology and histopathology of dental caries, prevention of dental disease, immunology and diagnosis of pulp and periapical diseases are covered by this curriculum. The aim is to provide a sound basis for diagnosis of oral lesions and a rationale for their treatment. The aim of practical course of oral pathology is to identify different lesions microscopically to assist in the principles of differential diagnosis of oral lesions.           $0$0$0$0$0 The course comprises two-hour lecture and two hours of practical sessions weekly.$0$0