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 Website Committee

First: Objectives: 

The Website Committee seeks to achieve the following objectives: 

  1. Develop the website of the college and update it with information, photos and the latest news related to the activities of the college and link it to the university website . 
  2. Interest in publishing all the activities, plans and achievements of the college within the framework of achieving the mission and vision of the university. 
  3. Contribute to the university's website obtaining a distinguished position within the framework of the university's efforts to improve the international rankings. 
  4. Enriching the website at the college and university levels.   

Second: Tasks: 

The Website Committee supervises the website of the College and the academic departments of the College of Economics and Administration through the following:  

  1. Develop and evaluate the website of the college periodically. 
  2. Updating the website of the college and working to enrich it with important information. 
  3.  Ensure the integrity of the materials displayed on the Sites. 
  4. Add, edit and update activities and news on an ongoing basis. 
  5.  Activate the college's website for interaction between students and the college. 

Organizational chart