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Based on the cultural role of the college and its keenness to build knowledge and contribute to the scientific and cultural formation of the students of the college in its Arabic and English divisions, the Library Committee is keen to organize visits to the Central Library at October 6 University to support the educational process, academic plans and programs, as the library has a distinguished outcome of information sources in various disciplines and programs provided by the university.

Vision :-
The library committee in the college should be distinguished and pioneering in providing all sources of information for students and supporting the educational process and scientific research.

The committee works based on its belief in the importance of libraries in guiding students, rationalizing their choices, supporting academic programs and scientific research activities, through making office visits for new students at the beginning of the academic year, as well as periodic visits to the library to train students to extract information from various books and references and the optimal use of them.

1) Fruitful cooperation with the staff of the Central Library of October 6 University to provide support to students, whether during group visits or individual visits to students.

2) Preparing regular visits to the Central Library to introduce students to the various sources of information that are closely related to the curricula and scientific research activities.

3) Supporting, developing and developing students' skills in the field of scientific research.

4) Raising students' information awareness by training students on how to use various types of information sources efficiently, to ensure the enrichment of their scientific knowledge.

5) Training students on self-learning methods and thus developing their desire to develop their skills.