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 Quality Assurance Unit


Vision Quality Assurance Unit

Achieve an outstanding level of educational and research efficiency as well as effective community service in accordance with the criteria for the quality of education of the Quality Assurance Accreditation.

Message Quality Assurance Unit

Continual upgrading the educational and research process as well as community support through continuous evaluation of all the parties concerned.

The strategic objectives of the quality assurance unit

1. Educational evaluation by measuring the performance indicators for the inputs and outputs of the educational process (Faculty members- Employees- Student-Alumni ... etc.).

2. Create a database and integrated files of all programs and courses needed evaluation so as to achieve the mechanisms and criteria of the Quality Assurance Accreditation.

3. Design and prepare questionnaire models and provide the necessary tools for assessment so as to achieve the standards of the Quality Assurance Accreditation.

4. Spread awareness on quality culture and the importance of the implementing evaluation programs between all faculty staff between different departments.

5. Maintain excellence and stimulate competitiveness in all departments of the faculty in order to ​​support the process of attaining Quality Assurance Accreditation.

6. Encourage all academic departments to participate in all accreditation requirements.

7. Support the continuous improvement of operations by directing different developmental activities in all areas to keep up with the changing requirements of quality.


8. Preparing and following-up on training programs that contribute to the implementation of the mechanisms of internal quality as well as the professional growth of faculty members. We are also concentrating on training programs that aim to complete the files on programs, academic courses and advanced technology in the educational process.