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Department of Photography, and Cinema and Television

Mission of Photography, Cinema and Television

Preparing and qualifying image designers, specialized in the fields of photography, cinema, and television, who are able to achieve innovative, and artistic practices through multiple, advanced and continuous educational and research programs to provide distinguished community service that adopts Egypt’s vision of innovation and creativity, with the aim of providing a graduate capable of competing locally, regionally, and internationally, within the framework of values and ethics to achieve the sustainable development.



1 - objectives of the program:

The courses offered in this department develop artistic and innovative design basics and skills that enable students to working in Photography, cinema and Television to contribute in development of human values, and increase the country touch and experts equipped with the knowledge assets and research methods developed closer ties or functional specialization associated with Arab and foreign  universities

2 - Educational target of the program:

A - knowledge and understanding:

A 1 - to know everything related to the student equipment, tools and raw materials needed for production in the fields of Photography, Film and Television.
A 2 - The Film student design fundamentals in the three areas of specialization.
A 3 - that the student understands the methods and different ways of production in specialization.

B - Mental skills :

B 1 - must be the applicant is able to work in the fields of Photography, Film and Television
B 2 - to be able to devise new ways of expression.
B 3 - to be able to address the problems identified in the production and the various stages (preproduction - production-projection), and provide scientific solutions to it.


3 - academic standards:
Knowledge and skills acquired through the academic program:

  • Photography modern technology
  • photographic materials (raw materials)
  • Types of Photography (portraiture - landscapes - the silent nature - photojournalism – scientific photography - Commercial photography - artistic photography)
  • Special (Photo Reportage "Sports - children of special events or public - theatrical imagery)
  • Types of special photography (imaging at night - Underwater photography - radiography - Scientific Photography)
  • Solving creative problems in cinematography Film (documentaries and drama).
  • Modern Technology in cinema.
  • Bases and expression facilities used for motion picture film.
  • Basic types of light used in cinematography.
  • Editing film and film types.
  • Composition in cinematography
  • Using different camera lens focal length .
  • Optical filters - types and uses
  • Evolution of the magnetic videotape
  • Regulations of cinema screen and television
  • Creative possibilities of television production
  • Types and methods of television films
  • Editing systems and the composition of television shot.
  • Documentary videographer working in television.
  • Technique of lighting on television
  • Reportage television
  • Decor cinema and television studios and its relationship to photography and methods of lighting it.
  • Taste music, film music and their relationship to the movie, describing how beautiful music can be supported factor of the film aesthetic.
  • History of the evolution of cinema and television is to find solutions to contemporary problems, but also enable it to innovation and development
  • Planning and production management with regard to the cinema, television.
  • Training on writing and reading the scenario and turned into an image on the display, recognize trends for the various scenarios.
  • Study animation and cinematic tricks, and training on the implementation of the projects.
  • Study history of art.

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