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Committee of Student Assessment


Duties and specializations of the Committee of Student Assessment:
1-The development of student assessment measures to achieve the intended goals, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities through examining and monitoring the application of known quality standards:
o   Location-related specifications.
o   Questions types
o   Model answers
o   Marking system
o   Document storage system
o   The convenience of examination schedule
o   Announcing results
o   Handling student grievances.
2-The preparation of the examination paper standards in different courses, and noting them down to monitor the extent to which these standards were implemented.
3-The continuous evaluation of examination papers and answer sheets by the end of each semester, and the preparation of reports discussing their pros and cons as well as working plans to enhance the strengths and avoid the weaknesses through:
o   The formation of committees to examine the extent to which examination papers cover learning objectives.
o   Reviewing the extent to which questions were related to the intended leaning objectives.
o   Grading examination papers and determining the duration of exams.
4-Reviewing samples from answer sheets to examine marking and evaluating
5-Establishing the criteria for oral exams and activating questions banks and double committees.
6-Evaluating students’ achievements through making a holistic statistic of results and comparing them to the previous three years.
7-Preparing a declared and accredited mechanism for taking in students’ complaints and examining their grievances along with their suggestions.
8-Using an electronic system to manage students’ results and other statistics.
9-Developing the vision of the faculty regarding the clemency system
10-Monitoring students’ level in different programs and courses through reviewing the reasons for their challenges as well as progress, and preparing a plan to foster both the distinguished and the challenged.
11-Periodical follow-up of the application of assessment measures.
12-Making questionnaires and meetings with students to learn about their views regarding tests and assessment measures.
13-Preparing annual reports about teaching methods and the examination system, and proposing them to the faculty board along with the committee’s recommendations to attain its goals.