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Critical care & Emergency Nursing

 About the department:

The Department of Critical and Emergency Nursing is one of the scientific departments of the Faculty of Nursing - October 6 University and this department is considered one of the educational departments capable of bringing about an educational and research renaissance that keeps pace with local and regional variables in light of the vision and mission of the college and the university in line with international standards of quality and therefore, that requires a lot of work And the effort for continuous development and self-development, and to contribute to supplying the national and regional communities with educational and applied service activities.

2- Vision of the department:

The Department of Critical and Emergency Nursing is looking forward to taking a leadership position at the national and regional level among the corresponding scientific departments in the higher education institutions of nursing in the country, and to be among the scientific departments that are internationally classified in this specialization.

3- Department's Mission:

       The Department of Critical and Emergency Nursing at the College of Nursing, 6th of October University, seeks to provide students with the knowledge, practical skills and values ​​necessary to qualify them to provide comprehensive and high-quality nursing care in the field of critical and emergency nursing in various health care settings by preparing practitioners with the ability to self-learn for lifelong and providing community services in cooperation with various institutions and organizations.

5- Evaluation System:

Several methods are used to assess students:

·        Quizez and final written exams.

·        Practical and laboratory exams.

·        Case Study

·        Assignemnts and discussions

·        Clinical evaluation.

·        Observational checklists.

6- Department's Objectives:

In light of the vision and mission of the university and the College of Nursing, the objectives of the Critical and Emergency Nursing Department are: -

1-    Raising the efficiency of the cognitive, skill and emotional performance of graduates to keep pace with the successive developments in the specialty of critical and emergency nursing.

2-    Sustainable development for workers in critical and emergency nursing

3-    Developing the skills and patterns of self and continuous education among students and faculty members in the department.

4-    Adopting modern patterns in education.

5-    Strengthening the department's quality assurance system.

6-    Enhancing international scientific publishing.

7-    Development of the department's human resources in educational, research, technological and societal fields.