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Realizing its broad cultural and social responsibilities, October 6 university established SOUL, a separate, 9000 m2 , three-floor building library with all library services and research activities not only for O6U students, faculty members, and researchers, but also for October 6 city residents and neighbouring areas.


SOUL is originally designed to be located off campus to fulfil its mission intended to enhance learning and promote the highest quality library services and public access to information.; every individual - not necessarily students and academicians - has access to needed information at the time needed and in a format the individual can utilize, through provision of library and information services.

SOUL encompasses multi-disciplinary and specialized libraries, reading rooms, audio visual rooms, teaching & conference halls, in addition to two museums for well know literary and scientific figures; their history, publications, and breakthroughs and even an art gallery for their pictures and belongings.

Moreover SOUL introduces a one-of-a-kind service in the area; i.e. an electronic library facility. This electronic library is equipped with advanced computers for online and office search processes, with affiliations with both the Academy for Scientific Search and the Supreme Council for Egyptian Universities Network. SOUL electronic library is provided with their digital infrastructure information including international specialized databases scientific magazines and periodicals.

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