Organizing and Implementing a Workshop for the Teaching of Theatrical Arts

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The theater activity was announced according to the annual plan. It was agreed with the director Mustafa Gado to conduct a workshop on the theatrical arts and registering the participating students who later on were gathered and tested to choose the best student.

The director set Sunday and Tuesday of each week to be the date for the theater workshop to achieve maximum harmony to form the University Team which will have new elements every year

The names of the accepted students were announced as follows:

The names of the main students:

Yousef Makram (Level 1- Faculty of Applied Arts)

Omar Ahmed Omar (Level 2- Faculty of Dentistry)

Yousef Shaheen (LEVEL 2- Faculty of Medicine)

Abd ElAziz Hassan (Level 2- Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences)

Sherif Muhammad Mahmoud (Level 2 – Faculty of Engineering)

Mamdouh Wael (Level 3- Faculty of Physical Therapy)

Muhammad Galal (Level2- Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management)

Amr Hossam Eldin (Level 2- Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management)

Muhammad Adel Muhammad (Level 2- Faculty of Engineering)

Abd ElRahman Gamal (Level 1- Faculty of Education)

Marwan Ebrahim (Level 2- Faculty of Engineering)

Joly Raafat (Level 1- Faculty of Education)

Reham Hossny (Level – Faculty of Physical Therapy)

Alaa BahBah (Level 1- Faculty of Education)


The names of alternate students:


Amr Mousa (Level 1- Faculty of Education)

Muhammad Hossam (Level 1- Faculty of Economics and Management)

Ebrahim Muhsen (Level1- Faculty of Economics and Management)


Rania Sultan (Level 2- Faculty of Media and Mass Comm.)