Symposium on "Sustainability to reduce climate change according to Egypt's Vision 2030"

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 under the care of

- Prof. Iman Al-Azizi .. Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development

- so. Musa Ibrahim .. Dean of the Faculty of Information Systems and Computer Science - Member of the Egyptian Forum for Sustainable Development ESDF

- Prof. Mona Abu Tabl .. Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts, 6th of October University

- Dr. Rehab Abdel-Fattah.. Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development

Within the framework of cooperation between the College of Information Systems and Computer Science and the College of Applied Arts

A symposium was organized on Monday, May 23, 2022 at eleven o'clock in the VIP hall (1126) of October 6 University.

(Sustainability to reduce climate change according to Egypt’s 2030 vision) as part of the college’s community service sector initiative under the title (Sustainable Design to Reduce Climate Change)

The symposium started with a speech by Prof. Mona Abu Tabl on the environment, design and the importance of keeping pace with climate changes in design

Then a word from Dr. Musa Ibrahim presented the historical sequence of sustainable development thought since the publication of the book Silent Spring by Dr. Rachel Carson - which caused pressure from civil society to care about the environment and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established and then the international summits on the environment since 1972 in Stockholm, Sweden until the Rio Conference +20 in 2012 and the presentation of the sustainable development goals.

Present at the symposium:

- so. Hussein Abaza.. an international consultant for sustainable development and green economy and director of the economics and foreign trade program of the United Nations Environment Program (formerly) - where he spoke about the importance of the topic from a realistic point of view and the extent to which it touches the youth community and opened the field for discussion with students and faculty members

- so. Mr. Sabry .. CEO of the Environmental, Climate Change and Sustainability Consulting Company ECCSCO and a member of the Egyptian Forum for Sustainable Development ESDF - where he spoke about the historical sequence of international conferences on the issue of climate change and the development of binding agreements in terms of financing and implementation for developing and developed countries and what will be presented in Cop27 in Sharm El-Sheikh next november

The symposium was attended by a number of faculty members and the supporting body with abundant student participation. Everyone commended the great scientific effort presented by professors and scientists who have their standing and their studies in the field of environment. The aim of the symposium was to raise awareness of the importance of the climate issue through designing innovative products and preparing To participate in the United Nations Climate Change Summit in November

At the end of the symposium, certificates of thanks and appreciation were delivered from the university to the lecturers and to some of those responsible for the organization

Special thanks to the members of the organizing committee: Dr. Amira El-Sayed.. Lect. Amira Ghazi .. m. Asmaa Mohamed Mohie and the student community service team ECO RANGERS